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* Cost is per piece price (except hooks & ropes). Please click image for more information.

Yoga Bolster
(Coffee/Purple/Light Blue/Linen Color)
S$ 65/pc

Yoga Blanket 
(Natural Cotton)
S$ 43/pc

Yoga Block
S$ 20/pc

Yoga Mat
65/79 per piece

Yoga Hooks (Out of stock)
& Ropes
S$ 180/set

Yoga Mat
S$ 59/pc

Yoga Belt (Long)
$ 12/pc

Yoga Belt (Short)
S$ 9/pc

Yoga Chair
S$ 70/80 per piece

Try Now & Give Back

Yoga is so much more than just being on the mat (Asana practice). The first two limbs of Yoga, Yama (external ethics) and Niyama (internal ethics), are the true foundations in our search for well being. We practice not just for the benefit of ourselves, but with more strengths to help others.

As a long-term volunteer of Singapore Children’s Society and practitioner of Iyengar Yoga, I find the opportunity to contribute to the community.

Therefore, the Trial class revenue is donated to a good cause. The $18 collected from trial students will be fully donated to Singapore Children’s Society.

Come and TRY our class NOW, you will GIVE BACK to the community at the same time!


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